Things I’ve Done

Sometime not too long ago I realized that what I really cared about, what I really wanted to dedicate my life to, was food. I do this line of work because I believe that what we eat has the possibility to change us for the better—if it’s cooked with care, if it’s eaten with passion, if it’s made with real, unprocessed products.

I grew up in Toronto but started my culinary career when I went to cooking school at North West Culinary Academy of Vancouver. Over the past few years I have forced my long, lanky body into numerous critically acclaimed kitchens. I’ve been chef de partie at awarding winning restaurants Maenam in Vancouver and Enoteca Sociale in Toronto.

I’ve spent a year and a half working in Copenhagen where I’ve ground it out at One Michelin star restaurants Kokkeriet and Kiin Kiin. I’ve also spent shorter stints working at places people seem to think are pretty cool as well, including: Bar Isabel (Toronto), Fiskebar (Copenhagen), Saturne (Paris) and Le Verre Volé (Paris). I’ve even volunteered on organic farms in South Korea, Denmark, New Zealand and Canada to better understand what I was cooking and why. About two years ago, I got my first head chef job. I helped open Le Mary Celeste in Paris with some pretty inspiring people: Adam Tsou, Joshua Fontaine, Carina Soto Valasquez and Carlos Madriz.

We made small plates of food for sharing. They were inspired by my hodgepodge background and seasonal French products. This means the menu was pretty eclectic and changed all the time. People called it “Asian Tapas”, but really, in the end, it was just whatever I thought tasted good.

After leaving Le Mary Celeste I went on to be the consulting chef at Hero. Opened with the same team behind Le Mary Celeste, it is our homage to Korean food and our attempt to recreate the spirit and energy of a night out in Seoul.

Currently, I am based out of Toronto, Canada. Consulting gigs in Asia will make sure I stay busy until the new year, when I hope to start looking for a place to open my own restaurant.

Photo Credit: Diane Yoon

Photo Credit: Diane Yoon